Make money creating videos about whatever you're interested in (without even showing your face!)


I'm about to reveal how I built MagnatesMedia from 0 to 1,500,000+ subscribers & a 7 figure business... 

So if you want to grow your own YouTube channel FAST... keep reading :)

👋 Hey, I'm John - the founder of MagnatesMedia.

I make videos about whatever random topics I find genuinely interesting.

This has made me over $1,000,000 from YouTube ads alone. 💵 

And that's not even including sponsorships, and the MANY other revenue streams every video can have. 🤯

And yet I have 0 full-time employees, and my work calendar is always empty.

I get to work when I want, and make videos about whatever I want.

But here’s the thing: anyone can do what I’ve done. 

The problem is that most creators are just blindly stumbling around in the dark like I was, hoping for a viral video out of nowhere. 

That's why many people believe it's too difficult to grow on YouTube now. So they stay permanently stuck doing something they hate. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm finally revealing my full YouTube system, so you can copy my proven strategies... 

This System Consistently Gets Results Like This:

As you can see, even YEARS after I uploaded this video, it's still printing money on autopilot every day.  
Now imagine when you have a whole library of videos doing the same...

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Here's The Truth... 

It sucks to be spending your limited time on a channel that feels like it's going nowhere.

To put all that effort into a video and then it barely gets any views.

It’s so frustrating seeing people less intelligent than you making crazy money from YouTube and getting loads of views.

I know the feeling, because I've been there.

It took me an entire year to hit my first 1,000 subscribers, because I just didn't know what I was doing.

I was following bad, outdated and contradictory advice. As I didn't have a clear system to follow.

But I’ve now put in the 10,000+ hours of work so you don’t have to… 

So instead of spending YEARS trying to figure it out like I did, and leaving loads of money on the table... you can just follow my proven step-by-step system that you already know works.

You get to skip all those years of trial and error, and all the expensive mistakes.

The ultimate end goal of the system is to help you become a Double YouTube Millionaire, which means:
1,000,000 subscribers + $1,000,000 earned from your channel. 

And I'm not holding ANYTHING back.

 This system contains everything I know about making great content, growing a YouTube channel, and making money.

Everything from the fundamentals (for absolute beginners looking to get started)... 
... To advanced strategies (for people who already have YouTube knowledge, but want to rapidly scale and make more money). 

“I’ve taken YouTube courses before but none of them came even remotely close to what you’ve created for us”


💸 Build A Passive Income Machine That Makes Money On Autopilot

🤑 The BEST Way To Make Money From YouTube -
My NEW System for YouTube that allows you to earn more money by doing less work. This means you can setup multiple different revenue streams, and eventually make a full-time income from YouTube. You'll be your own boss and can run your channel from anywhere in the world.

🏠 Own Digital Real Estate That Generates You Passive Income - Every video you create is an asset that continues to make you money even when you're not working. You’ll create a back catalogue of epic content that will continue getting views (and making money) for YEARS to come.

🏖️ How To Outsource All The Parts You Don’t Like Doing, And Build A Team To Help You - this way YouTube remains fun, and you actually stick with it. It means you're working on something you genuinely enjoy. (And your team will keep working even when you're not). You can be the movie studio director leading the vision and commissioning ideas, but without having to do all the work.

🎮 "The Infinite Money Glitch" - how to easily scale, and have your competitors utterly confused how you're doing it. (Even if you have no experience and are completely new to business & making videos).

🧙‍♂️ Create INCREDIBLE Videos (That You Love Making & People Love Watching)

✅ Step By Step How You Can Make Content Like MagnatesMedia - 
so that you can create viral videos you're proud of. You don't even have to show your face if you don't want to, so you can keep your privacy and not have to deal with filming or being on camera. 

🌟 My Proven Method To Stand Out From All Your Competitors And Dominate Your Niche (even as a beginner) which means you can get paid to make videos about whatever you're interested in. You'll make videos so good, people won't even try to compete.

📚 You'll learn everything I know about making videos (from over 150,000,000 long form views & around 28,000,000 HOURS of watch time) so you can avoid the years of testing & expensive mistakes I went through. You get a system that works right away.

🤫 The writing, storytelling & editing SECRETS for making videos people are obsessed with (seriously, your comments section will be flooded with fans who love what you're making and can't stop binge-watching your videos).

🚀 Get More Views & Subscribers (Build a HUGE Audience Faster)

📈 How To Blow Up Your Channel Even If You’re A Total Beginner (and have no experience or team) 
so that you don't lose any time, and start earning more as soon as possible. 

🏆 The #1 Growth Strategy: The FASTEST Way To Grow If You’re Busy - The truth about how to grow 100x faster for people who don't have much time.

🤖 Algorithm Masterclasses: The Art Of Titles, Thumbnails & Retention - Have you ever wondered how the YouTube algorithm REALLY works? Or why some creators blow up but most don't? I'll show you how to consistently go viral (and it's not what you think).

💖 How To Build A Loyal Audience Of Millions Of Subscribers (without even being on camera) - you'll learn how to build a branded channel. This allows you to get your message out to the world and make a genuine impact.

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And when 1 single video can make you over $100,000... why wouldn't you use this system?

*This is my most viewed video. I'm not suggesting every video is like this (I wish) 😂

But remember this is just ad revenue - not even including sponsors, product sales, and all the other revenue streams taught in this system...

And you're going to learn how to build a viral video machine - so you can pump out viral videos consistently.

Because when you have an entire back catalogue of great videos all making money on autopilot, you really are making genuine passive income. Which means you have the freedom to focus on what you want.

And it works for ANY niche. So you can make videos about whatever you want.

You can even remain anonymous if you prefer (by making a faceless channel). This way you still get praise, status, and fans who love your content... but without the downsides of fame like losing your privacy or constantly having to film videos.

In other words... I’ll show you step by step how I built a million dollar business doing what I enjoy. So you can turn your interests into your own YouTube empire.

However, I want to be very upfront about the fact that YouTube takes time to build something great.

And so if you're looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme, or expecting immediate results, this is not for you.

But I can promise you this: As long as you're willing to put in the work, I'll keep working with you to help you earn more money from your channel.  And I'll show you everything that's worked for me. 💸 

So ultimately, it comes down to this…

Do you think having access to all my systems, and the ability to ask me any question, is going to make it more likely you succeed on YouTube and make more money?

Because there is no other course like this that covers everything you need all in one place.

By the end, you'll know exactly how to: Get views & subscribers fast, make much better videos, and earn lots more money.


I could easily sell this as 6 different courses - but instead you get one ultimate system that has EVERTHING you need all in one place. 

And I'll be here to guide you every step of the way...

You get direct access and support from me, so you never feel stuck. 
And you'll also get access to my Magnates Mastermind group of like-minded creators.

Your Price Today:

Then after 30 days: OPTIONAL $997/mo for ongoing personalized support from me. (But you can just turn this off with the click of a button after joining... you'll still keep LIFETIME access to the course & resources for just a one-time payment of $997). 

So as soon as you get 1 sponsor for a tiny amount like $4k... this course has already paid for itself and more! 

* Spaces are limited. 
(I have 1,500,000+ subscribers, so spots may sell out fast).

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And remember: a few years ago I knew NOTHING about YouTube or making videos. 🤷‍♂️

And yet MagnatesMedia has rapidly become one of the largest business channels in the world, and one of the fastest growing faceless channels. 🚀

That’s all thanks to this NEW way of doing YouTube - my new system that nobody else is teaching. 

And by the way, this investment is usually classed as a tax deductible business expense (tax write-off) that will lower your tax bill! (Check with an accountant to confirm).

I spent $50,000+ studying business at university. I graduated top of my year.
And yet the skills I’m sharing in this course have made me ~1000x more money than college.

So if you want my proven system to build a million dollar YouTube channel, reach a million subscribers, and create epic videos people love... Enroll now by pressing the button above!


As long as you've given this a fair try by watching the course & implementing the tasks, I’ll give you a full refund any time within 30 days if you're not happy. That means this investment is COMPLETELY risk free.

So the absolute WORST case scenario is you consume the course, get all the resources I’ve spent years making, and pay absolutely nothing. So even in the worst case scenario, you still end up better off than you are now.

Unlike the ‘course gurus’ I make most of my money from actually running my channel, not selling courses. And so I don’t want your money if you don’t think I helped you. 

Of course, I could only give this type of guarantee if I knew this system genuinely worked and was going to help you grow your channel, make great content, and earn more money.

So trying the course or not trying the course are both risk free... but only one of those options has the potential to grow your channel and change your life.

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 Having this course is your unfair advantage over any competitors.
It’s time to join the 1%.

I’ll see you on the inside!
- John (Founder & CEO of MagnatesMedia)


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P.S.  If all this programme did was saved you a year of research trying to learn all of this from scratch without any help... Would it be worth it to save you all that time? (Money replenishes, but time does not - time is literally our most valuable resource as we can't get it back).

Or if all this course does is show you how to hire the perfect team member so you don't have to do the editing yourself?

Or what if all it did was help you close a couple of extra sponsors at $5k each?

It would MORE than pay for itself in no time, right?

MagnatesMedia is literally one of the biggest business channels in the world. I’m not going to risk my entire reputation by having unhappy customers. 

So you may as well see what you're missing out on... 

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After this course, your comments will look like this: 

There are literally tens of THOUSANDS of comments like this on my channel... But you get the idea. 😅

I specialize in creating content people can’t stop watching. And I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

Unlike most faceless creators, I’m open about my channel. You can see MagnatesMedia for yourself - so you have undeniable proof this system works, and the videos get millions of views.

You are going to be one of the FIRST people to get access to this system. But the early testers who invested are already loving it:

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Please note: Because this course involves the ability to get personalized support, once I feel I can no longer provide that, we will close enrollment. In order to make this fair, once enrollment is closed it will be closed to everyone, no exceptions.


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